New Kids at PE2

Odoum joins Asia’s Hope

PE2, the home that RW sponsors, has some new additions. Odoum is one of the kids that recently moved to PE2. He was living with his mother, but she was unable to provide for his basic needs and Odoum was also unable to attend school. Social Affairs intervened and asked Asia’s Hope to begin caring for Odoum.

He is still in contact with his mother, but is now receiving the food and education he was unable to get living with her. The house parents at Asia’s Hope said that Odoum is very excited to receive an education and gets along well with all of his brothers and sisters in the home. He is adjusting very well to living at Asia’s Hope.

RW’s ability to fund PE2 and Asia’s Hope each month is solely because of the hard work each of you does every day!

We are working for the day every child has a home.

4 Areas of Focus

  • Facilities that support abandoned children.
  • Educational programs for orphaned children.
  • Adoption grants.
  • Family preservation / orphan prevention.

Work Connection

RW is the sponsor of Asia’s Hope PE2 home where children like Odoum are able to receive love, nurturing, and en education. PE2 is located near the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh.

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