Land Development

This year RW Supply + Design was able to financially partner with Lifesong for Orphans to purchase a small plot of land in rural Cambodia for farming. Lifesong has been working with a number of abandoned children in Cambodia to provide a home and education. As their program has grown, the leaders determined that buying land would be beneficial. The land has been purchased and Lifesong is moving forward with their plans to develop it. They have started a number of agricultural and farming projects that will provide food for the children living in their care. There is one small home on the land and another larger home will be built soon. This land will provide long term sustainability for this program and the children living in the care of Lifesong. Our ability to work until the day that every child is home is solely because of the work that you do every day.

We are working for the day every child has a home.

4 Areas of Focus

  • Family preservation / orphan prevention.
  • Facilities that support abandoned children.
  • Educational programs for orphaned children.
  • Adoption grants.

Work Connection

RW Supply + Design is working towards the day that every child is home. Lifesong provides a home for orphaned children in Cambodia. They also offer food and other resources for families experiencing extreme poverty.

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