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Asia’s Hope Exams

Twelfth Grade Success

The students at Asia’s Hope have a history of academic success. This is a result of the belief that every child entering Asia’s Hope should receive the same opportunity as a child growing up with their biological family.

Asia’s Hope staff continually seeks varied opportunities for their children, allowing them to meet their full potential as students and individuals. That commitment has paid off! The twelfth grade students from Asia’s Hope, seen praying for their exams above, just completed their placement tests. All of the students passed successfully and will either attend university or vocational training. This includes the students living in Prek Eng Home 2, which RW sponsors.

Our company’s ability to financially sponsor Asia’s Hope in multiple areas, including educational costs, is solely because of the hard work each of you does every day!

We are working for the day every child has a home.

4 Areas of Focus

  • Facilities that support abandoned children.
  • Educational programs for orphaned children.
  • Adoption grants.
  • Family preservation/orphan prevention.

Work Connection

RW partners with Asia’s Hope to sponsor a home, educational costs, and building projects. Asia’s Hope provides family-style care for abandoned and at-risk children in Cambodia.

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