Sophy’s Story…

RW Supply + Design’s mission is that we exist UNTIL EVERY CHILD IS HOME.

Like many children in Cambodia, Sophy spends a lot of time with extended family. Unfortunately, one of her cousins utilized their close relationship to traffick her. He took Sophy across the border and forced her to beg for money on the streets of Thailand.

Every night she was forced to beg for long hours without having a proper meal. She endured physical and psychological abuse which no child should ever have to experience.

When police conducted surveillance, Sophy’s cousin would hide her. One day the police noticed her. In collaboration with the A21 team in Thailand (, they assisted Sophy off the streets and into safety. A21 social workers consistently spent time with Sophy, making her feel safe and cared for—all while planning and ensuring a safe return home.

When it was time for Sophy to return home, the A21 team, alongside government agents in both countries, repatriated Sophy back to Cambodia safely. The team traveled to her home community and met with her family to prepare a reintegration plan, including enrolling Sophy in school so she could learn to read and write.

Today, she lives free and happily with her family, experiencing a healthy childhood with a bright future ahead of her.

Sophy, like many vulnerable children around the world, was taken advantage of. However, today she is living with her biological family again and has attachments to social workers that will make certain she and her parents have the support necessary to protect Sophy. Without the help of A21, it is likely that after years of abuse and trafficking, Sophy would have remained on the streets.

The past two years, we have been able to partner with A21 in Cambodia to prevent trafficking as well as provide support for children that have already been trafficked. The ability to work until the day that every child is home is solely because of the work that you do each day.

We are working for the day every child has a home.

4 Areas of Focus

  • Family preservation / orphan prevention.
  • Facilities that support abandoned children.
  • Educational programs for orphaned children.
  • Adoption grants.

Work Connection

RW Supply + Design is working towards the day that every child is home. Our current goal is to be involved in the lives of 100,000 individuals. During 2022 and early 2023, we have been able to be involved in A21’s work in Southeast Asia. They provide anti trafficking education services as well as social workers to help trafficking victims, like Sophy, cope with past trauma in order to experience a brighter future.

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