RW Supply + Design’s mission is that we exist UNTIL EVERY CHILD IS HOME. The staff of Orphan Voice (an organization we support in Vietnam) recently met 4 year old Nop. She has had a challenging short life. By the time she was three, cancer had killed her mom and dad.  After she lost her mom and dad, she and her older sister went to live with their elderly grandmother. The grandmother’s only income was picking up plastic bottles to sell. She didn’t make much, and the girls were sometimes hungry. Because the grandmother was often gone, Nop was left alone while her sister was at school. She began to play along nearby train tracks. Neighbors pulled her from danger more than once when trains approached. After a few months of struggle, the grandmother gave up and asked the government to place Nop and her sister in a nearby orphanage. That orphanage closed when its European sponsor stopped sending the necessary funds. As a result, local officials asked Orphan Voice to intervene. Nop, her sister, and five other children came to Orphan Voice’s Promise House last month. They are now in the hands of loving housemothers at Promise House. The housemothers get Nop up in the morning, cook her meals, see that she brushes her teeth, take her to see the doctor when needed, and tuck her into bed each night. She now has a home and consistent caretakers with Orphan Voice. The ability to support foster care, for children like Nop, and work until the day that every child is home is solely because of the work that you do each day.

We are working for the day every child has a home.

4 Areas of Focus

  • Family preservation / orphan prevention.
  • Facilities that support abandoned children.
  • Educational programs for orphaned children.
  • Adoption grants.

Work Connection

RW Supply + Design is working towards the day that every child is home. Our current goal is to be involved in the lives of 100,000 individuals. For the past two years, we have financially partnered with Orphan Voice in Vietnam. While we believe that every child should have the chance to grow up with their biological family, we also realize that some children will not have that opportunity for multiple reasons. Foster care, in the country a child was born in, is one effective way to help children who have been abandoned.

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