Investing In Georgie

In our company we like to think we’re committed to “investing in people.”

We invest time in building relationships with our customers – so we can know what they need. We invest in getting to know our vendors – so we can have a relationship of trust over time. And we do our best to invest in our employees – giving them job-specific training, but also working to create an environment in which they can lead healthy, productive and meaningful lives.

However, rarely is the phrase “invest in people” used as literally as in the case of little Georgie. Georgie was left at the gate of a rural orphanage when she was just one month old. Her blue skin tone immediately alerted the caregivers at the home to Georgie’s critically depleted oxygen levels. The local hospital didn’t have the proper facilities or surgeons to perform the delicate surgery needed, so they reached out for help to Shepherd’s Field, a wonderful orphan care facility with whom we have a close and ongoing relationship.

Our partners at Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village did the right thing and scheduled Georgie’s surgery without knowing how it would be paid for. As partners with the orphanage, we are committed to making sure Georgie continues to receive the lifesaving care she needs.

We would like to give you the opportunity to join us. We are putting up $10,000 in matching funds to invest in her. Your investment of $100, $500, $1000 or more will automatically be doubled by our matching gift.

Several years ago, my daughter Blythe had major heart surgery. As I sat at her bedside, looking at her bandaged little body, the thought occurred to me, “if we hadn’t adopted her, she would have had to go through this process with no one by her side.” That thought came back to me when I received this picture of Georgie right after her surgery. Thankfully Georgie has the caring team at Shepherd’s Field advocating for and nurturing her through this time. We know the best thing for Georgie is to be placed into a loving home. But for now, let’s partner together to bridge the gap between where she is and where we prayerfully hope she’ll be in the coming years. Please contact us to partner together to help Georgie. Share this post with friends. Thank you.

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