Hope for Children at the Landfill: Annalise…

RW Supply + Design’s mission is that we exist UNTIL EVERY CHILD IS HOME. For the past three years, we have participated in financially supporting Love Without Boundaries’ work in the landfills of Cambodia. This program provides food and education for children growing up in the Cambodian landfill.

During the COVID pandemic in Cambodia, Annalise’s family lost employment and had no income at all. They made the move to the local dump site to try to earn enough money to survive by digging for recyclables and even food. Even with the entire family working under these hazardous conditions, they only earned about $45 each week. Can you even imagine living under these conditions?

Annalise dreamed of going to school, but she says that she never expected to have an education. She thought that no school would accept a girl from the local dump site.

Thankfully, Annalise was wrong about this and is now a student in LWB’s Believe In Me school in the rural village of Rangsei. She has access to a free education, hot meals, books and uniforms, and safe transportation to and from school by tuk-tuk bus.

Initially, Annalise was placed in a Catch Up class to bring her up to the same level of education as her peers. She took classes in computer studies, music, and art, along with courses from the traditional Khmer curriculum. She proved to be a wonderful student, and it wasn’t long before she was able to graduate to Grade 2 at their Believe In Me Rangsei School.

Annalise truly loves school and recently scored the 4th highest grade in her class. She enjoys the company of both her teachers and fellow classmates and has made many friends. She is an absolutely lovely girl, both inside and out, and her teachers are proud of the progress she has made!

Education is the key to helping these children earn a living wage as adults and escape the extreme poverty prevalent in this part of rural Cambodia. LWB’s Believe in Me school serves children like Annalise who had previously spent their entire days scavenging through garbage, exposed to toxic fumes, rusty metals, and medical waste at the landfill. Thanks to this life-changing program, these kids can now escape that dangerous environment during weekdays and have a chance for a healthier and brighter future. The ability to support Love Without Boundaries and work until the day that every child is home is solely because of the work that you do each day.

We are working for the day every child has a home.

4 Areas of Focus

  • Family preservation / orphan prevention.
  • Facilities that support abandoned children.
  • Educational programs for orphaned children.
  • Adoption grants.

Work Connection

RW Supply + Design is working towards the day that every child is home. Our current goal is to be involved in the lives of 100,000 individuals. To date, we have been involved in financially supporting LWB for 3 years. Poverty is the leading cause of child abandonment; and family preservation is one of the best ways to make certain that every child has a home. Education, accompanying family preservation, breaks the cycle of poverty for future generations.

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