Celebrating a Milestone of Our Company’s Mission

If all you know about us is the flooring we make, you only know part of the story. The real story of Real Wood Floors, our passion and purpose, is this; we’re working towards the day when every child is home.

Here at the end of 2020 we’re celebrating the completion of our 10x10x10 Strategic Initiative, the first milestone of our missional work. In the following video, CEO Sam Cobb and his wife, Rachel explain in-depth this milestone and some of the history of our company.

The 10x10x10 Strategic Initiative

Because we’re in the flooring business, we used some measurement terminology, 10 x 10 x 10, to describe our three-part strategic initiative and the five-year milestones we’ve achieved through the support of many of you. Each flooring purchase contributes to our mission.


The first ten in our mission was a facilities’ goal. Abandoned kids without care will need a facility to provide for them. We partnered with organizations to build facilities to care for orphaned children. Thanks to many of Real Wood Floors’ friends and colleagues, our efforts provided medical services and structures, such as playgrounds, schools, cafeterias, and homes in Asia and Africa.


The second ten was a goal to fund 100 adoptions. There are many wonderful families willing to take a child, but these adoptive parents face a financial hurdle, typically at a minimum of $25,000 to adopt a child. Understanding this challenge, we partnered with several organizations that provide adoption grants, and awarded some directly ourselves.


The third ten was to help educate 1000 kids. The largest group of children will in fact never get adopted because the scale of the problem is huge, and some countries don’t allow international adoptions. We helped financially support 1000 children who demonstrated an educational need, from young children to those who might attend a university. Education for these children creates exponentially greater opportunities in their lives, and even benefits to their communities.

We are closing a chapter with the accomplishment of this major milestone we began in 2015. So we wanted to pause and celebrate—before we start dreaming again!

Thanks to each of you who has played such a huge role in achieving these milestones. Your efforts have led to many lives being impacted, and we are so thrilled to see the completion of this initiative. Stay tuned to see what comes next as part of our mission!

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