Adding breakfast…

RW Supply + Design’s mission is that we exist UNTIL EVERY CHILD IS HOME. The LWB Catch-Up class has been working hard this month. Since many of the students have never attended school prior to joining the Catch-Up Class they’ve been making progress in all areas. One of the first things they had to tackle was just simply being in a classroom at a desk, with a schedule to keep and rules to follow. Ultimately, the goal is to teach each students the basics of the grades they’ve missed to the extent that they can join their age-appropriate peers and grade level. Many of the students who attend Catch-Up class live at an area landfill. One significant problem these students face is hunger. Thankfully, they have been able to add breakfast to the daily schedule. Breakfast is just another way to provide for these children’s basic needs while they are able to remain with their biological families at the land fill. Family preservation and education are two ways that we are involved in working to make sure each child has at least one significant attachment in their life.The ability to work until the day that every child is home is solely because of the work that you do each day.

We are working for the day every child has a home.

4 Areas of Focus

  • Family preservation / orphan prevention.
  • Facilities that support abandoned children.
  • Educational programs for orphaned children.
  • Adoption grants.

Work Connection

RW Supply + Design is working towards the day that every child is home. Our current goal is to be involved in the lives of 100,000 individuals. We have been involved in the Catch up Class for two years and see it as a wonderful way to help children, who live in the local landfill receive an education, get two meals a day, and develop a relationship with their teacher.

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