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Shepherd’s Field Project 2014

We had the great opportunity to travel with about 30 wonderful friends and customers to Langfang, China to invest in the future of Children at Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village. With mallets and asprin in hand, we installed over 26,000 square feet of prefinished engineered flooring into the Vocational Center which will benefit the orphanage with:

  • Dormitory space for older teenage orphans who age out of the adoption process
  • Classrooms for developing vocational/life skills training programs
  • Physical therapy and recreational facilities
  • Apartments for staff housing

We’re no professional installers but we were able to complete the work with time leftover for seeing some of the beauty China has to offer. Some small groups visited the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven in Beijing among others.

Apart from being a benefit to Shepherd’s Field, those of us fortunate enough to be involved are blessed to have been a part of the project. We were a small part of a larger work to bring hope to the children who likely would not have hope for a better life without the work of Tim Baker and the staff and volunteers at Shepherd’s Field. Their continual devotion to and love of the rejected and unwanted children they help calls us to a higher standard of selflessness.

So you don’t feel left out of the fun, be aware that our ability to donate the flooring and our time and expenses are because of the sales of Real Wood Floor’s products. We aren’t partnering with others groups who pay for these things. We feel it’s our mission to bless others as our company succeeds.

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